No Hardware Required!

Out of any photo, Create unique  Crystal “LENSBALL“ effects…

With LensGlobePhotos you have so many control so you can be super creative, with here the WYSIWYG principle applying :

*  Layers: You can  combine many Globes…

* Fisheye Adjustments : Easily adjust the spherical effect from a blown-up fisheye to a vintage TV screen or a sunglasses lens.

* Lomo Adjustments : Cross process your photo and create the vintage look&feel of the original Fisheye Lomo camera

* Fade : Adjust the lens fade for a nicer rendering

* Color controls : A powerful split tone.

* Double exposure : Easily combine and blend-in another photo to create stunning multiple exposure effects these cameras were able to achieve...

* Direct Crop/Resize and Save : You have your creation ready for Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat without need of any other application!

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