HSC Edit 3 64bits plug-In for Apple Aperture 3, Adobe Lightroom 2/3, Photoshop CS3 to CS5. Now featuring Layers of Images and more than 5000 effects and hundreds of tools...

Wilmington, NC,

Human Software is introducing Edit 3 for Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom 2/3, Photoshop CS3 to CS5 64b, Elements 6/9 for Mac OS X.6 and X.7 or Windows Vista/7.
Edit has all the most needed imaging tools under one very powerful application

HSC Edit 3 is like a full blown application and sports a powerful and easy to use interface. Among the thousands of features you will find...

Power of Layers

You can manipulate layers of images right inside Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom :

- Adjust size/rotation/perspective opacity, blending mode
- Quickly mask out using brushes or paths
- Perform all kind of corrections

Use Paths and Create Composites within Aperture / Lightroom / Photoshop

Edit features an advanced Paths toolbox. Use Bezier or BSpline to silhouette images. The Paths Toolbox lets you also create Stars/Spirographs/Arrows, all kind of repeats.

Text Effects right inside Aperture or Lightroom

Edit lets you enter text, apply styles (strokes/drop shadows), record titles that you can apply on multiple images.

Squizz Liquefy

Edit Squizz lets you use a very precise virtual brush so you can liquefy and adjust precisely parts of the image. If the model was not smiling enough that day, you can correct it easily!

Grid Distortion

Edit Grids lets you create and use an input and output grid to perform all kind of distortion on your images. You can apply and distort a pattern on top of the layer you are distorting.
The warping happens on top of another image through a blending mecanism. Very handy for all kind of drapes simulation, creation of labels, correction of perspective, rectifying bended horizon and so on.. We are proud to have the most advanced grid tool of all the industry,

Toolbox of hundreds of Effects

A PowerHouse by itself. Hundreds of powerful blocks like 'legos' can be combined together playing with masks and channels to create any effect you can imagine. Those effects can be saved and recall later on. Among the basic blocks you will find a Channel mixer, but also kaleidoscope, ripple effect, miniplanet, blur tools, mosaic, deinterlace, unsharpmasking and much much more. A library of 150 advanced effects using those basic blocks feature : Glow effects, different Kodak/Fuji films simulation, Tungsten, polarizer, infrareds, histogram equalizer etc etc... You can create your own sophisticated effect and replay it on different images.


DepthField lets you manipulate the focus like if you would be using an expensive lens. DoF techniques let you move the attention to your subject. With this module you can manipulate the focus after the shot has been taken. You can place a virtual lens anywhere on your image applying a tilt lens effect or a planar-3D blurring effect. You can perform all kind of blur adjustments, add bokeh effects with blade adjustments or add the vignetting effect of your choice.
DepthField also lets you create a selection through a virtual brush on your image, there is no need for Photoshop, but if you already have an image with a selection you can simply load it.
DepthField also features an extra sharpening option so you can even re-sharpen what is already in focus.
This new version adds more blur kernels such as motion, circular or concentric blur. Also it is now possible to add back grain to the out of focus areas.

Image Refocusing

How often are you getting a picture slightly blurred because the subject has moved! After any image manipulation you are doing, the image is getting a little more blurred. 
Edit AutoFocus uses powerful mathematical algorithms to refocus the image. AutoFocus reverses the formula by which the image got blurred... this technology gives you AS MUCH of the original "in focus" image as possible. AutoFocus uses a very powerful deconvolution tool that will reclaim the data that has been spread out.


HyperFocal features different contrast techniques : local, global and detailer. These different methods can be applied together and stacked. They work through tilt lens or virtual lens. You can also brush selection masks and easily restrict the effect. All the adjustments can be applied independently on highlights, midtones and shadows.
HyperFocal is very efficient at revealing image details. The 'Detailer' mode is so powerful, the algorithm is used to analyse x-raya to detect tumors.
With HyperFocal you can turn a single photo to pseudo HDR, without having to tone map and deal with multiple images.HyperFocal also features color balance, saturation adjustments option that works through several layers and masks so you can easily perform multiple color adjustments at the same time.
Best of all, all settings can be saved and used again on one or multiple images at once.

Frames & Edges

Edit MagicFrames features more than 1700 frames/edges in one easy super powerful dialog box so you can frame your photos to your heart delight. Again super powerful and fun to use. Even the background image might be resize for perfect fit. Apply your frame on one or a set of images.


HumanSoft Edit is fully compatible with Apple Aperture 3 in 64bit mode for Mac X.6 or X.7, or Adobe Lightroom 2/3, Photoshop CS3 to CS5, Elements 6 to 9 on Mac X.6 or X.7 Windows Vista/7

Price & Availability

HSC Edit is made of different modules that can be purchased individually, or the whole as a bundle at a special introductory price of $199.95 - S& H not included -
Products are also available through selected retail stores and can be ordered directly by calling Human Software at (910) 4710106 or on-line via our secure ordering system at HumanSoftware's Web site at http://www.humansoftware.com.
Human Software products are sold in the United States and in more than 20 countries worldwide

A word about Human Sofware Co Inc

The Human Software Company Inc, founded in 1992, is a specialist in multimedia, design, prepress and video software application development. The team experience includes original design and concept of many high-end prepress related products and other software since 1984

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