Paint Nature... in Photoshop 7 to CS4, Elements 2 to 7, Corel PhotoPaint, PaintShop...

Mac OS X Universal - Windows XP/Vista


Version 1.8 - KeyFeatures
- Unlimited Undos
- Save/Recall your Settings
- Create easily your own Sprays
- More Sprays : PhotoSpray vol 2
- More Sprays : PhotoSpray vol 3
- Convert easily your Nozzles to Sprays
- Our Sprays come as Nozzles too!


Save Money, get a Bundle:

- the Stamina Collection


Universal for Mac Tiger/Leopard

With PhotoSpray 1.8 brush Natural Images on Windows or MacOS X Universal Applications that run Photoshop Plugins and features:

PhotoSpray 1.5 fully supports layers for more accurate brush strokes and positioning...

PhotoSpray is very easy to use, simply select your background image, pick one spray and brush...

1- Start with any picture

2- Select one Spray from the Library

3- Adjust the size...the way you will spray the images...and simply brush it