Paths Element 1

Add Paths Creation to Your Adobe Elements 2 to 9

Windows XP/Vista/7

Version 1 - KeyFeatures
- Easy to Use and affordable
- Ideal for Adobe Photoshop Elements
- Create and reedit Bezier Paths
- Use vector tools to create stars, bursts, rounded rectangles

for Windows...

Get the Power of using Paths inside Photoshop Elements!

An efficient tool you need to have :
  • Powerful and Easy to create Paths
  • Adjustable Bezier and Path Curves tool, this is where a vector tool shines, it is easy to do a precise cutout so you can generate silhouettes, new selections, masks...
  • Generate Paths, Selections or new Layers. Your PathsElement will be used for masking, the paths might be used in combination with styles
  • You can create different shapes such as stars, rounded rectangle, bursts, you can step and repeat or create tables...