More than 3000 beautiful frames and 1200 edges... in Photoshop 7 to CS5, Elements 2 to 8, PhotoPaint, Corel Painter, Paintshop, Microsoft Picture...

MacOS X Universal - Windows XP/Vista/7

Version 3000 - Features
- More than 3000 Ready Made Effects
- Make your Images Unique!
- Very Easy to Use
- Save/Recall your Own Effect
- Be in total Control
- Side by Side Comparison!
- No Action needed! it is a plug-in!

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Order the bundle MagicFrames & ClassicFrames volumes 1 to 10 for Windows

Universal Mac OS X.5 X.6

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More than 3000 Frames and 1200 Edges, a Powerful Tool for Creating The Perfect Frame for Your Image on Windows or Mac
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MagicFrames 3000 ...for OS X MagicFrames 3000...for Windows
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MagicFrames 3000 features :
  • Thousands of Frames & Edges!
  • Library of Frames with preview of 15 at a time for easy selection
  • Compare side by side up to 4 frames for better choice
  • Create your own frame / edge / border, for great results
  • Works in RGB or RGB16b images
  • Add a Shadow, an edge, a texture, all is possible and can be undone
  • Easy as 1, 2 and 3!

Pass the mouse over this 'burnt edges' frame to see the original photo, the duotone effect over the picture has also been achieved with the image processing tools onboard MagicFrames
MagicFrames lets you design unlimited high-quality image frames and borders for your images. You can combine and customize any of the included 3000+ natural and digital frames or create your own . You can experiment with edge effects, colors, blends, shadows, textures, blurs, gradients and much more to create the perfect frame.
a the new CombiImage dialog box lets you combine up to 64 layers of edges, including halo, vignettes, blur, edge, bevel and all kind of rotation/scaling/distortion

MagicFrames is the MOST ADVANCED FRAMING PLUG-IN tool in the market: 3000 ready made frames plus up to 30 different actions can be combined together through more than 1200 basic edges and 600 basic seamless tiles.

a few of the 1200 basic stencil edges

a very few of the 3000 frames available

Do not spend twice more with another plug-in, at a very affordable price you have the most powerful engine for endless creativity.

Pass the mouse over this 'distressed' border to see the original photo

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