70 traditional pictures frames or more per volume... in CS3/CS4/CS5, Elements 6//9, Corel PhotoPaint, Paintshop, Microsoft Digital Image

MacOS X Universal - Windows XP/Vista/7

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Gallery volume 2

Gallery volume 3

Gallery volume 4

Gallery volume 5

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- Frame around your Photos
- Add Multiple Mats
- Make your Images Really Unique!
- Very Easy to Use
- Save/Recall your Own Frame
- RGB16b support
- Create your very own Frame
- No Artefacts such as step&repeat!

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Now Universal on Mac or Windows...

ClassicFrames 2 Features:
  • The frames provided are exactly the one you would use to hang up expensive paintings or all kind of photos in a gallery or around your home.
  • With ClassicFrames Photoshop filter plugin you frame around your photos up to 70 beautiful traditional picture frames or more per volume, these frames can be combined across multiple layers, to create infinite variations.
  • Version2.0 adds RGB 16b supports
  • Universal Mac OS X or Windows (Adobe Photoshop/ Elements/Corel PhotoPaint/PaintShop...)
  • Among ClassicFrames features you will find :
    - 70 beautiful traditional picture frames per volume...
  • Volume 5 or 6 for Exquisite Circular or Oval Frames
  • Create or combine existing frames for infinite variations !
  • No Step&Repeat Artefacts unlike other plug-ins
  • Compare quickly side by side 4 Frames for easy and optimal choice
  • Create Multiple Mats in a Snap

    NEW VOLUMES 5and 6 of ClassicFrames adds exquisite rounded frames... perfect for Medallions, Portraits... create your own easily

    See the details on the right side (check the Gallery for more)

    • Adjust the frame width
    • Combine easily multiple frames for multiple mats
    • Use the Library (60 frames provided) or use your own moulding!

ClassicFrames 2.0 adds weave and texture mats... for beautiful classy weave or texture/pattern effects... you can create your own in a snap

1- Start with any picture

2- Compare side by side and Select one Frame from the Library

3- Preview it and Apply directly in your host application

4- You can combine frames in multiple layer to create a new one.

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